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with Kathleen Artistry 

I think it is so important to have someone help you prepare for your professional headshots. These photos will represent not only yourself, but your Brand. I offer professional makeup services and light hair services to those freshening up their headshots.



My special approach is not only do I help you prepare for your photoshoot, but I stay on site with you throughout your photoshoot to ensure your hair and makeup looks fabulous on camera. Let it all sink in, you have your very own Makeup Artist assisting you throughout your entire photoshoot. Not only am I your makeup artist, but I am your hype girl as well.



Rates starting at $150 price varies depending on scope of the project.


Elevated Branding Services 

  • Professional Makeup Services

  • Light Hair Services

  • Personal Assistance throughout photoshoot

  • Beauty Expert. I keep eyes on all things beauty, so your hair and makeup stay in place and look great on 


Take a listen! 

Check out my interview with Marketing Expert, Cas Thompson. In this episode, I discuss the importance of hiring a Makeup Artist to help you create your brand image. Some of my clients have signature looks that create their brand image. I encourage you to explore what makes you - "YOU" when we create signature look! 

Kathleen's interview on hiring a makeup artist for Brand Photos

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